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McAfee has acquired MX Logic, a leading global provider of cloud-based email and web security, email archiving, and email continuity services. The MX Logic organization, based in Colorado, will now be known as McAfee SaaS Email & Web Security.This acquisition enables customers to leverage the cloud and enjoy access to a broader set of delivery options, including appliances, software, or in-the-cloud deployments. With an expanded software-as-as-service footprint, McAfee empowers organizations of all sizes to simplify their security architecture. And now, MX Logic customers can rely on McAfee for complete, network-wide security solutions.

The McAfee SaaS Email and Web Security solutions listed below include all email security, email archiving and web security services previously available under the MX Logic name.

Now, all of these award-winning services benefit from McAfee® Global Threat Intelligence. GTI powers the groundbreaking McAfee threat technologies, including Artemis and TrustedSource, which distribute continually-tuned threat protection through our suite of endpoint and network security products.

The McAfee SaaS Email and Web Security solutions are available in the following standalone packages and Service Suites.

  • McAfee SaaS Email Protection & Continuity
    Our most comprehensive package includes powerful email security plus SaaS Email Continuity, which provides email storage, access and use during planned or unplanned outages.
  • McAfee SaaS Email Protection
    A robust package of email threat services and the SaaS Fail Safe Service, our storage-only disaster recovery service.
  • McAfee SaaS Email Inbound Filtering
    An ideal package for businesses that require advanced protection against inbound threats.
  • McAfee SaaS Email Archiving
    A legal-grade archiving service that helps businesses control the ever-increasing volume of email to satisfy compliance and business data storage needs while also facilitating rapid, centralized electronic discovery.
  • McAfee SaaS Web Protection
    A comprehensive Internet security solution that requires no hardware or software integration, and offers ease of use and administration unmatched in the industry. 

McAfee SaaS Service Bundles Suites:

Bundle our award-winning SaaS services together for substantial cost-savings and complete coverage through one integrated console

  • Complete Security Suite (1 year and multi-year retention) 
    The most comprehensive coverage bundle. Protects your organization with award-winning SaaS security that combines email, web and email archiving.
  • Email Security & Archiving Suite (1 year and multi-year retention)
    Full email security that combines the McAfee Storage Control archiving service to protect the integrity of online communications.
  • Email & Web Security Suite
    An economical bundle that includes complete email protection combined with Total Control Web Defense

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